About Us

Inter-Link Services is a privately owned Canadian company with over 30 years of experience in the staffing
industry. Our core focus is providing qualified AZ and/or DZ drivers, local, short and long haul drivers, fork lift,
picker packers, dispatchers and administrative personnel.

For Employers

Inter-Link Services takes great pride in maintaining long term relationships and tailoring solutions specific to
the client’s requirements. Our thorough screening process ensures a capable, qualified candidate will arrive at
your place of business. In order to exactly match your needs, we encourage criticisms and specific requests.
This allows us to fit our training and recruiting process to your on site demands. We offer you flexibility and cost
savings in several key areas.


Volume fluctuations create critical needs. Our “Single phone call” or “Single Email” solution will bring you the
resources you require to meet deadlines and please your clients. Whether your coverage needs are the result
sickness, holidays, vacations or maternity leave, we are able to provide support to help you meet your goals.

Cost Savings

Payroll administration expenses, WSIB, payroll source deductions, training, T4’s, interviewing, advertising,
recruiting, vacation pay, and specific needs testing are all handled by our qualified staff.

- Single weekly invoice
- Single call convenience
- Lowered administrative costs
- Meet volume client demand
- Exceed client expectation
- True 24/7 operation

Our scope of services is flexible and versatile to allow you to find the best fit for our operation.

We Provide

Temporary coverage : Sick days, holiday coverage, vacation periods, seasonal volume changes and special

Direct Hire : Hire the best candidate NOW. No time lags or hefty administrative costs. If you feel that the
candidate is the correct fit for your organization, we offer a seamless transfer of that candidate.

Temp to Hire : Allows you a lengthy period to assess and evaluate the candidate. This will ensure the
right candidate will fit your organization’s needs and company demands.

Please feel free to contact one of us and discuss how we can be a great fit for your organization.